Date de sortie: 
Décembre 2013
Type de release: 

Leotteus (loc.jdkl.) : LEOTTEUS is an abbreviation of the Legendary Episodes of the Thirty Eighth Urban Session. This LP has been cut and mixed in three parts from an original sixteen minutes soundtrack totally improvised by JudokA. The Legendary Episodes referred to a narrative dynamic such as they have been developed from European Antiquity. Initial Situation introduced a social dilemma relied on individual position in the Society: what is our place in the world and can we conciliate individual desires to the social pressure? The middle development translated the way how men follow in their research of solutions, carrying out doubts, conflicts, seduction and temptation of the others. Fortunately, in the last episode, resolution can be found by the discovery of the deeper volition and mind. It passed by several fights, repeated essays and errors, but always driven with the same believe in the human capacities. A heroically story, that some people considered as a modern Homeric Odysseus: I). the beginnings with the Penelope and Telemaque spleen; II). The time spent in the cross of the sea and the attraction of the Sirens’ songs; and 3). The innumerable returns of Ulysse and his final Victory. Thus, LEOTTEUS has multiple levels of understanding, either a literal and contemporaneous translation of mythological episodes, either a poetic space maturated in the imaginary field of the Conscience, either an interior travel aboard the Judokean LEOTTUS spaceship.